MarTech Portfolio

It is difficult to create a portfolio that shows people the tracking I have programmed, since it is invisible to the user.

Instead, I’ve written up the following case studies. Each one includes code snippets and a description of how each code block works.

Adobe Launch Global Clicks or Events Tracking

Architecture of a Global Clicks/Events Tracking rule, and how it can also account for shadow DOM clicks and nested AEM Component clicks.

Adobe Launch Shadow DOM Click Tracking

Since Adobe Launch does not automatically detect clicks in the shadow DOM, I wrote custom code to track this user behavior.

Adobe Launch Nested AEM Component Click Tracking

How I programmatically set data attributes so that global click tracking values reflect the nested order of AEM components.

Dynamic Data Elements

Why use three data elements when you can use one? (Hint: One data element can use custom code to hunt for a desired value in multiple locations, in order of priority.)

Date Formatting

Pass a date object into an Adobe Launch data element, return that date as a string, custom-formatted to your liking.